Sweet Sweet Voice


Today some unforeseen circumstances prompted me to cut short my writing,

situation which is out of my control, which goes without saying.

My dear sweetheart please don’t take this personally,

for this is not done by me purposely.


By the way dear, the song that you sent was just Great!

meant to be sung by people like us who are soul mate.

Listening to your chosen song makes me much more intimate,

reason why you chose this song, I can only speculate!


Today was crazy busy at work as you can tell,

but just one phone call from you made everything well.

There must be something in your voice which is a spell?

that make me lose my heart and my mind as well.


Your laughter is sound of music to my ears,

which has the power to drive away my tears.

When angels sing it must sound just like you,

voice so sweet, even deaf’s head will turn to!