Dance of Joy


Mystery has finally started to reveal, albeit rather slowly!

layer by layer it is being revealed, not wholly.

Although patience not being one of my admirable quality,

dear, you can always be sure of my constancy.


Most favorite part of the week is finally here,

did I hear some of this place people cheer?

As far as this humble self is concerned,

day I chat with Dear is happiness confirmed!


Found myself dancing this morning to a sad song.

must have danced all by myself after so long.

You have the power to bring me back from dead,

no wonder I’m dancing when I should be sad instead.


You have turned my life up side down dear,

mean it in a good way, just to be clear!

You make every little experience new and exciting,

never in my life felt so alive or inspiring.


Ever since I met1 you, I have stopped reading the news,

it’s like I put all the outside distraction on a snooze.

This world can go to hell for all I care.

with you, I feel like I am walking on air!


  1. Only online of course!



Goodnight Dear


All those songs and not a single mention,

was it on purpose or just careless action?

Will take for granted it was meant for me!

next time please specify dear, it’s my only plea.


Liked and love each and every song you posted,

listening to them had me very emotional and comforted.

Really enjoy going through what you dear have written,

even if it wasn’t with me, who is smitten.


Try to have a great day ahead dear,

pray that it’s filled with love and care.

If you ever feel lonely, you just look behind,

shadow you see behind is me, just to remind.


When are you going to unveil the mystery that surrounds you?

do I need to hire a detective to find out who?

If you need time dear, it’s one thing I got,

slow and steady wins the race, so I been taught.


Could have gone to bed early dear l but did not,

just to say good night to dear was all I sought.

Yes, it got little late while waiting for one and only,

was worth the wait for a good night kiss from Hunny.

Some Fav Songs


Now I can say “Koi shikwa nahi zindagi sai1

I am ready for whatever life throws my way!

With you by my side, no tempest is strong enough,

to rock the boat which has been built this tough.


Oops, Sorry dear I didn’t mean to jump the gun,

was forgetting I need to take steps one by one.

Got miles to go before I can score a home run!

only then, will be able to call you my loved one.


Will not talk about weather today as usual,

beautiful day here so we better talk casual.

Finally the time to let off some steam is here,

just few private moment with you is all I care.


Dear, few songs from you in here2 would be great,

get me through the weekend in a very blissful state.

Will try to find some songs to liven your mood,

some of the songs which you may have already viewed.


  1. Hindi Proverb which roughly translate to “I have no complain about this life”
  2. Chatroom

Sad Songs


In the subway listening to Hindi song,

thoughts of you accompany me all along.

Contemplating new ways to write my composition,

so I can get your undivided attention!


One question about our date on Saturday Night,

do you want our love story to ignite?

Hope you will not have a stage fright,

or leave me alone in the spot light.


A little birdie told me, last night you were here1,

was it just a social visit or you do care?

I would love to believe it is the latter,

too bad I wasn’t there to enjoy the encounter.


Sad songs, that’s all I listen to now,

how could this happen, only my dear knows.

Gone are the days of hip-hop and rock,

Gazal2 and sad song is all I talk.


“Batoon ko teri3” keeps repeating in my mind,

“Saware4” keeps me company and to unwind.

To get me through this torturous day,

wonder how you manage to stay away.


Never felt this good writing about someone,

same feeling that comes after battle won.

You are the gift that keeps on giving,

only you can make my life worth living.


Can’t track the number of poems I wrote.

I am assuming your heart is keeping note.

Coz I write with pencil and paper.

which I think will never last forever.


Is this love or obsession? Please do let me know,

writing is the only way I know how to show.

Could this be desperate cry for help of a lover?

or a naïve heart searching love and never to discover?


As you have not responded about our date,

will treat it as positive, until further update.

Wishing you a great weekday any way,

whichever card you may decide to play.


  1. Chatroom
  2. Urdu lyrical poem usually sung, mostly sad.
  3. Hindi song
  4. Hindi song