Some Fav Songs


Now I can say “Koi shikwa nahi zindagi sai1

I am ready for whatever life throws my way!

With you by my side, no tempest is strong enough,

to rock the boat which has been built this tough.


Oops, Sorry dear I didn’t mean to jump the gun,

was forgetting I need to take steps one by one.

Got miles to go before I can score a home run!

only then, will be able to call you my loved one.


Will not talk about weather today as usual,

beautiful day here so we better talk casual.

Finally the time to let off some steam is here,

just few private moment with you is all I care.


Dear, few songs from you in here2 would be great,

get me through the weekend in a very blissful state.

Will try to find some songs to liven your mood,

some of the songs which you may have already viewed.


  1. Hindi Proverb which roughly translate to “I have no complain about this life”
  2. Chatroom