Have a Great Weekend



New month of new year is about to come to an end,

It is time to chill and hangout with your family or friends.

To hang out at the local bar if you are so inclined!

or to catch up on your reading, if you are that kind!


You can binge watch on Netflix your favorite shows,

or dance in the club until they eventually close!

You could meet your sweetheart at the local lover’s point,

or do something which will be your life’s turning point.


Do whatever floats your boat and have a great weekend,

please just do not waste the time which is godsend.

Will see you guys on Monday if god is willing,

till then, hope you guys have weekend that’s very thrilling! 


Song Sung


Song has been sung and music dies,
Dance has been danced and how time flies.
Love has been loved and emotions drained,
Miss has been missed and still stay chained.
Hope has been hoped and not yet lost.
Pain has been pained and at what cost.
Wish has been wished and without luck,
Sigh has sighed and you’re still stuck.

Dance of Joy


Mystery has finally started to reveal, albeit rather slowly!

layer by layer it is being revealed, not wholly.

Although patience not being one of my admirable quality,

dear, you can always be sure of my constancy.


Most favorite part of the week is finally here,

did I hear some of this place people cheer?

As far as this humble self is concerned,

day I chat with Dear is happiness confirmed!


Found myself dancing this morning to a sad song.

must have danced all by myself after so long.

You have the power to bring me back from dead,

no wonder I’m dancing when I should be sad instead.


You have turned my life up side down dear,

mean it in a good way, just to be clear!

You make every little experience new and exciting,

never in my life felt so alive or inspiring.


Ever since I met1 you, I have stopped reading the news,

it’s like I put all the outside distraction on a snooze.

This world can go to hell for all I care.

with you, I feel like I am walking on air!


  1. Only online of course!