Midnight Ride



A night to remember and a ride which can’t be unremembered,

recollection as well as emotions of which is still very untempered.

I can still run it through my mind as if it happened yesterday,

will bring smile to my face until it’s time for the judgment day.


Day went by as usual with nothing significant to recall,

so started my regular round of drinks sometimes after nightfall.

One drink let to next, before I knew it, it was midnight,

oh ! you should have seen the moonlit night with all the starlight.


Being in a village and far from the pollution of the city,

everything from trees, hills, stars and moon kind of looked so pretty.

That’s when the devil in me suggested that I should go for a ride,

although a bad idea, but who am I to disagree with my adventurous side!


So I tiptoed out of the house and quietly closed the door behind me,

went to my stable, just kidding, it’s a bike not a horse, you see.

Dragged my iron horse for a short distance away from my dwelling,

between the nosy neighbor and the barking dogs, there is no telling!


Just one kick to the kick-starter brought my bike alive with a roar,

now it’s just me and my bike, what more can a man ask for.

Like a lover I coaxed my bike gently to move to first gear,

I have always been gentle and treat my bike just like my dear.


A narrow paved road without streetlight took me to the hill nearby,

before long I was climbing it’s steep winding road on the fly.

Little twist of my right wrist brought instant feedback from my bike,

as it pulled up the hill like a horse I come to like.


Once on the top of the hill, I stopped to soak in the night scene,

and to light an incense to the local Gods, lighting a cigarette I mean!

Trees on the both sides of the narrow road appeared ominous and dense,

not a single soul in sight, I reckon they have more common sense!


Just to top off my high, I took a swig of drinks I carry around,

sounds of insects of the night and occasional dog barking can be heard in the background,

The small hill was a plateau and I could see mountains in the distance,

it looked so tempting that there was no use resisting it at this instance.


So it was time to set out to the next goal of climbing the inviting mountain,

feeling of adrenaline rushing through body and excitement of the unknown was hard to contain.

Reached the base of the mountain after riding for about half an hour,

from down here the mountain seemed very much like a sky high tower.


As the destination was within reach, there was no thought of turning back now,

a fainter heart would have turned back and more likely make an excuse somehow!

I put on my earphones and started a Trance song to go with the atmosphere,

began climbing the steep slope at a slow pace, all the while on first gear.




p.s – by Bike I mean Motorcycle