Mysterious Gal


Mysterious yet frank, lively yet Hidden,

kind of fruit that is forbidden,

Thousands of questions that needs answer,

all I know is your gender!


I ain’t a poet or a Shayer,

You may think I am a player.

To tell you the truth which I don’t know,

you see, I am just going with the flow.


Hope you like what I wrote earlier dear,

it’s time to start losing my fear.

Was just a friendly poem that I thought,

wasn’t my intention to put you on spot.


Things to distract my mind are very few,

wait that’s so tough, if you only knew.

Can’t give up now, when end is in sight,

deep down I know, I will see you tonight.


Did you cast a spell on me, which can’t be broken?

do let me know, coz my heart and soul is badly shaken.

Hope you are not pissed off with this thread,

am just throwing words that comes to my head.


Like a fairy not seen by mere mortals,

You are an attraction which can be fatal.

Staying hidden from admirer like me,

should I lay down red carpet for thee?


Shops have closed and lights gone out,

I am still waiting without any doubt.

Just one glance is all I request,

then I can sleep like the rest!