Unanswered Questions



Where do we go from here is the open question,

raking my brain so hard yet there is only confusion.

Whether to continue or to live a life of seclusion,

can anything be done to this life we call delusion?


Why have so much negativity crept into my writing?

it used to be much more lively and exciting.

Is it just a reflection of state of my mind and soul?

with such heavy heart, how can one expect me to be whole?


Like a toy whose keys has all been unwind,

I stare at the window with an empty mind.

Striving hard to come up with something positive to say,

it looks like this is not likely to happen today.


Hopeless Hopes



One may ask why do I write in this Chatroom like a fool,

this is the only way I can express, not coz it looks cool.

Some people text, call and email, but I don’t follow the rules,

sorry for punishing you guys with sad tales and for being cruel.


My only hope is, this gets to the person intended,

not in a believe that this relationship can be emended.

But in a hope that she knows how I feel,

and that time hasn’t diminished any of my loving zeal.


I see that she has moved on with her life like nothing happened,

I applaud her decision and will, which leaves me with feeling of gladdened.

heard somewhere that if you love someone give them wings to fly,

it’s so hard to let go, no matter how much I try.


Btw, I just finished my first notepad with writing all about you,

wanted to give it to you, now I don’t know to who.

Will have to save it for the time when I am old,

save it for my grand kids who might appreciate the story told!

Regrets and Laments



Brand new sunny day, yet the story remain the same,

is there really any use asking who is to blame?

Lamenting on how things should or could have been,

regretting doing all the things that were forbidden sin.


Like it or not, today is a brand new day,

will just have to hope it goes fast and pray.

Have to do the same tomorrow and the day after,

pretend to smile even if I can’t manage a laughter.


Want to go back to childhood when things were simple and innocent,

back to my hometown with all it’s greenery and what it represents.

With gently rolling hills and mountain for great distance at the back,

slowly winding river which can be only reached by a foot track.



And yet again I walk alone through this apocalyptic wasteland,

with a sense of Deja vu and a devastated heartland.

Looking for bud of a flower or a single stem of grass,

with a never ending quest for hope which will eternally last.


Have I been cursed forever to wonder this loveless earth?

or my endless cycle of misery only end with rebirth?

Just to clarify, it wasn’t for the lack of trying, for what it’s worth.

God only knows if the mistake was in destination or path I set forth.

Well, the weather sure seems to agree with how I feel,

coincidence which can’t be ignored, at times kind of feels surreal.

Time to move to New Orleans “The land of Dreams“?

can I handle hurricanes when it comes, by any means?


End of the Road?



Ominous dark clouds slowly rolls over the horizon with hint of menace,

choices are either to take flight or to sit tight and embrace.

With mother nature charging at you with its full force,

time to ask “is it really worth staying on course”?


After rationalizing every pros and con like an expert realist,

we decided to part ways amicably and not be sentimentalist.

In no ways was this decision taken in a lighthearted way,

it was mutually agreed, in which we both had a say.


This may sound more like a business deal than matters of heart,

but we came to realize, sometimes in life mind does win over heart.

Hearts may have lost this battle, but it hasn’t been completely defeated,

it will rise like a phoenix when time comes and when needed.


Will not say goodbye just because it’s the end of the road,

of god knows, we may meet in future further down the road.

with a smile on our face, we will greet like long lost friend,

reminisce about the good old days when we were more than friends.


Today maybe a weekend, but it sure doesn’t feel like one,

feeling very down after all that has been said and done.

Have to start listening to the great Jagjit Singh’s1 song all night long,

because no one can beat him when it comes to singing sad songs.



  1. Famous Gazal Singer

Into The Sunset


Has been while since I wrote something nice to my beloved,

could it be the reason, she forgot that she is loved?

After getting this close, could I have been taking things for granted?

now I must make an effort to let her know she’s wanted.


That she is loved and missed just like the first day we met,

that I am still ever ready to walk with her into the sunset.

We have overcome so many obstacles to get to this point in time,

for me at least this relationship was never intended to a part-time.

Closeness Redefined



Could I be your phone so I can be with you 24 seven?

that way, it will make me feel just like I am in heaven.

Just to see, feel and experience everything you do as day progresses,

and to share your every ups and downs as well as successes.


Be the first one to wish you good morning at sunrise,

and to kiss you good night as you close your eyes.

In between I can share your tears of joy and sorrow,

sounds like I’m chasing gold at the end of the rainbow?


Or can I be your bra always close to your beating heart?

so I can always hear your heartbeat and never be far apart.

Hope I am not being too intimate for your taste?

coz sometimes I do tend to write things in haste.


Dear I am writing what I feel and have in mind,

so will bear the burden of sin for you of any kind.

But do let me know if my writing gets you on your nerves,

for I don’t want to give you extra headaches you don’t deserve.


“Wouldn’t even bear a sight of me for a min?”

trying hard to set the expectation very low to begin?

Nice try dear, but I am not falling for this trick,

do you dear really think my brain is that thick?!