Autumn Leaf

Just like dried up autumn leaf I float,
not one trajectory to devote.
Twisting winds can carry me where they please,
will savor this movement of the breeze.
Have love and been loved a thousand times,
have lost the track of how many times.
Blame it on the Karma, I would say,
wouldn’t choose it any other way.
Life is all about search and seeking,
day you end up search, you start dying.
Then its too late to start lamenting,
so live life like there is no ending.
More you give, more you have, Love I mean,
open your eyes, then it can be seen.
Hearts get wounded, that’s part of the game,
so what’s in harm relighting old flame? 


What needs to be said has been said,
letter has been written in red.
This heart has been stabbed and it bled,
yet the deep feeling hasn’t fled.
Lost cause from the beginning,
had to try to make a winning.
One never knows without trying,
you end up loving or crying.
Few glimpse here and a smile there,
thought we had a moment to share.
Thought we would make a perfect pair,
but she wasn’t the one to care.
So we are here, back to square one,
figuring out the mistakes done.
Replaying the scenes one by one,
with the pain which can’t be undone.

Angel’s Voice


Who knew that Angels really talk and sing,

voice so heavenly, right to my heart it sting.

Thank you for coming down to earth on your wings,

and for making me feel just like a living king!


Voice that’s kind of husky in a very attractive way,

voice so mesmerizing, could have listened to it whole day.

Voice so magical, could listen to any time of the day,

someone please pass me cold water before I pass away!


The laugh! Oh those laughs that is so tantalizing,

laughs that is so unique that it defies analyzing.

Laugh that is thousand life time’s worth sacrificing,

laugh so genuine, at same time captivating!


If now, the almighty decides to take me from this earth,

will gladly allow him and with smiles I will set forth.

With not a single regret when it comes to you,

am willing to go to hell if I have to!


Many a times I have written down and erased,

things that are personal and which can be traced.

This does limit my scope of poetic liberty,

by putting a leash to my budding creativity.


Fact that I love you is something I can’t deny,

this Chatroom knows this without much of a try.

Love that’s not gonna change even if I want to,

I am sure that by now you also knew!

Dance of Joy


Mystery has finally started to reveal, albeit rather slowly!

layer by layer it is being revealed, not wholly.

Although patience not being one of my admirable quality,

dear, you can always be sure of my constancy.


Most favorite part of the week is finally here,

did I hear some of this place people cheer?

As far as this humble self is concerned,

day I chat with Dear is happiness confirmed!


Found myself dancing this morning to a sad song.

must have danced all by myself after so long.

You have the power to bring me back from dead,

no wonder I’m dancing when I should be sad instead.


You have turned my life up side down dear,

mean it in a good way, just to be clear!

You make every little experience new and exciting,

never in my life felt so alive or inspiring.


Ever since I met1 you, I have stopped reading the news,

it’s like I put all the outside distraction on a snooze.

This world can go to hell for all I care.

with you, I feel like I am walking on air!


  1. Only online of course!