My Hometown


By the foothills of mighty Dhaulagiri Range,
where time has not brought much change.
Lying just at the end of a shallow valley,
is my hometown which I miss very much daily.
It’s more like a village if you ask me frankly,
with just one narrow paved road skirting it lazily.
Forest and fields surround it on all four side,
place I call my hometown with sense of pride.
Nearest town is about half an hour away,
nearest city is at least two hours away.
Which means it has the clear blue sky during day,
and at night you can clearly see the Milky Way.
A place so small, everyone knows each other,
whether in joy or sorrow, everyone comes together.
Even with Google map you will have trouble finding it!
“Far from the madding crowd” sure sounds like a fit.
Some might even call it a “One horse town”
yet my cherished memories were created in this hometown.
Now I am counting the days when I will see it again,
eager to see what parts of it remain, with a joy unrestrained!




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