Nepal, it used to be such a magical and mystical place,

I’ve never been there, just letting you know, just in case.

Information comes from dear friends and things I read online,

friends who talk glowingly about it and what’s in headlines.


Land which used to be ruled by kings and most people very humble,

when people mayn’t have had plenty but wasn’t ruled by laws of jungle.

Tourists used to come to marvel at its culture and scenery,

native Gurkhas with their Kukri still known wide for their bravery.


Its language so melodious, someone once told me it’s almost musical,

its folk song so melodic, I have sometimes listened in cyclical.

Land of Mount Everest which is so majestic, alluring and breathtaking,

getting to Base Camp is on my Bucket List before dying.


Things started to unravel when King was murdered with his family,

then the Maoist came to town with Chinese backing and brutality.

Earthquakes, corrupt politicians and Indian Blockade has added more distress,

shortages of gas, waster and electricity, no sign of progress.


Hopefully things will take turn for better soon in near future,

so people can once again go back to admiring its nature.

Which  will definitely make some kind of happy closure,

now it’s time for me to end my lecture! 


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