Hopeless Hopes



One may ask why do I write in this Chatroom like a fool,

this is the only way I can express, not coz it looks cool.

Some people text, call and email, but I don’t follow the rules,

sorry for punishing you guys with sad tales and for being cruel.


My only hope is, this gets to the person intended,

not in a believe that this relationship can be emended.

But in a hope that she knows how I feel,

and that time hasn’t diminished any of my loving zeal.


I see that she has moved on with her life like nothing happened,

I applaud her decision and will, which leaves me with feeling of gladdened.

heard somewhere that if you love someone give them wings to fly,

it’s so hard to let go, no matter how much I try.


Btw, I just finished my first notepad with writing all about you,

wanted to give it to you, now I don’t know to who.

Will have to save it for the time when I am old,

save it for my grand kids who might appreciate the story told!


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