End of the Road?



Ominous dark clouds slowly rolls over the horizon with hint of menace,

choices are either to take flight or to sit tight and embrace.

With mother nature charging at you with its full force,

time to ask “is it really worth staying on course”?


After rationalizing every pros and con like an expert realist,

we decided to part ways amicably and not be sentimentalist.

In no ways was this decision taken in a lighthearted way,

it was mutually agreed, in which we both had a say.


This may sound more like a business deal than matters of heart,

but we came to realize, sometimes in life mind does win over heart.

Hearts may have lost this battle, but it hasn’t been completely defeated,

it will rise like a phoenix when time comes and when needed.


Will not say goodbye just because it’s the end of the road,

of god knows, we may meet in future further down the road.

with a smile on our face, we will greet like long lost friend,

reminisce about the good old days when we were more than friends.


Today maybe a weekend, but it sure doesn’t feel like one,

feeling very down after all that has been said and done.

Have to start listening to the great Jagjit Singh’s1 song all night long,

because no one can beat him when it comes to singing sad songs.



  1. Famous Gazal Singer

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