Closeness Redefined



Could I be your phone so I can be with you 24 seven?

that way, it will make me feel just like I am in heaven.

Just to see, feel and experience everything you do as day progresses,

and to share your every ups and downs as well as successes.


Be the first one to wish you good morning at sunrise,

and to kiss you good night as you close your eyes.

In between I can share your tears of joy and sorrow,

sounds like I’m chasing gold at the end of the rainbow?


Or can I be your bra always close to your beating heart?

so I can always hear your heartbeat and never be far apart.

Hope I am not being too intimate for your taste?

coz sometimes I do tend to write things in haste.


Dear I am writing what I feel and have in mind,

so will bear the burden of sin for you of any kind.

But do let me know if my writing gets you on your nerves,

for I don’t want to give you extra headaches you don’t deserve.


“Wouldn’t even bear a sight of me for a min?”

trying hard to set the expectation very low to begin?

Nice try dear, but I am not falling for this trick,

do you dear really think my brain is that thick?!



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