Change of Hearts?


Is it just my imagination or my dear has become more distant?

do not want to believe it dear, but the feeling is very persistent.

Is it possible I said or did something wrong without knowing?

must have been the consequences of love that I try showing.


If I hurt or wronged you dear in anyway, I am very sorry,

last thing I want in this world is to make you dear angry.

Sometimes I do overdo when it comes to showing you dear my feelings,

what can I do dear, when I am not that good at concealing?


Please tell me dear that everything is fine and as before,

and that you are not trying your very best to ignore.

That your love for me has not changed even a bit,

that I can relax and no need to throw a fit!


I still love you crazy just like the day we first met,

thinking about you from the first light of the day till sunset.

And even during sleep I think of you dear sometimes,

such strong feelings and attraction is very hard to define.


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