Intimate Post


I can only hope that you dear know how much you are missed,

if I had to write it down, it will make one long list.

Two days may not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things,

I am totally dependent and effected by your each and every whims.


Well Dear, weekend is almost here, so things might brighten up,

if I am lucky I might even get a close up!

You just tell me the time and place for pick up,

wouldn’t you say it’s about time for us to hook up?


Do not worry dear, I am just asking you rhetorical question,

for I know you will never take up on my suggestion.

No harm in trying as you may someday make a concession,

you may one day take pity on my never ending obsession.


By the way dear, I am done posting in Chatroom now,

people just does not seem to appreciate the hard work somehow.

Now will write and sent to you my dear exclusively,

that way I can write what I want with impunity.


It’s little difficult when you know other people are reading,

now I can write to you directly and without diluting.

Some things that are intimate and are not meant for sharing,

which you dear may find much more interesting and less boring!


Will give an example for you if you want,

my house is located at the Avenue called ……1

I know you didn’t ask or want this information,

was just trying to give example to my explanation.



  1. Intentionally left blank for privacy  🙂

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