As Eagles Fly


Last night something must have snap in my brain,

could it be becoz of all this nonstop rain?

Nothing concrete or creative ever seem to flash by,

mind remains empty no matter how much I try!


Still staring at the blank page waiting for some inspiration,

deciding how best to show my lovely dear my admiration.

Tell my dear how her absence causes so much desperation,

do not know how best to handle this excruciating separation.


As I walk down the valley of concrete jungle,

sometimes I really wish I can be an eagle.

To soar about all the hustle and bustle,

and to fly straight to my dear’s castle.


Will I get a red carpet welcome or a very cold shoulder?

will my dear give me a bear hug and pull me closer?

Will our relationship turn little colder or much stronger?

at this point, little difficult to guess any longer!


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