Day the Music Died



Clenching my M16 so hard my knuckles starts to hurt,

with incessant rain, my uniform covered with sweat and dirt.

Tension hangs heavy as the thick fog, waiting for the go ahead,

brother-in-arms conveys with his eyes the tension without being said.


Deafening noise of shells that keeps falling nearby keeps reminding us of danger,

chunks of mud and rocks raining down with it feels larger and larger.

Some wise men said “There is no atheist in foxholes”

everyone praying they were somewhere else instead of this hellhole.


Brief break in pace of shooting allows me to peek over the trench,

my sense of smell is overwhelmed by the smell of rotten body stench.

Just as I was recovering from the urge to regurgitate my K-ration,

a bullet ricochet off my helmet leaving me with a dazed sensation.




Just A Song



Turn me into rain, turn me into long night,
turn me into your only passion which is right.
Make me into lyrics, into your heart’s voice,
turn me into deepest secret of your choice.
I am just a intoxication, so let me flow,
let me live my life and let it go.
Or give me a little space right next to your heart,
give me a reason why I am sleepless right from start.
We both have all the rest of our life to spend together,
just keep on smiling even if there is a storm to weather.
Let me be the soft wind which embraces you with affection,
let me be the morning sun warming you from easterly direction.

Have a Great Weekend



New month of new year is about to come to an end,

It is time to chill and hangout with your family or friends.

To hang out at the local bar if you are so inclined!

or to catch up on your reading, if you are that kind!


You can binge watch on Netflix your favorite shows,

or dance in the club until they eventually close!

You could meet your sweetheart at the local lover’s point,

or do something which will be your life’s turning point.


Do whatever floats your boat and have a great weekend,

please just do not waste the time which is godsend.

Will see you guys on Monday if god is willing,

till then, hope you guys have weekend that’s very thrilling! 

Unanswered Questions



Where do we go from here is the open question,

raking my brain so hard yet there is only confusion.

Whether to continue or to live a life of seclusion,

can anything be done to this life we call delusion?


Why have so much negativity crept into my writing?

it used to be much more lively and exciting.

Is it just a reflection of state of my mind and soul?

with such heavy heart, how can one expect me to be whole?


Like a toy whose keys has all been unwind,

I stare at the window with an empty mind.

Striving hard to come up with something positive to say,

it looks like this is not likely to happen today.

Missing You



If I shouted I love you in the deep forest will you hear it?

If I said I miss you on top of mountain will you sense it?

At this point in time will it even matter a bit?

what’s the use of acting like child and throwing a fit?


Just want you dear to know, if you ever need a helping hand,

shoulder to cry on, to unburden your worries, you know where I stand.

If you decide against it then I will see you in dreamland,

no matter what you decide to do dear, I will surely understand.


Anyway, I just dropped by to say Good Morning, have a Great Day,

have a Good Night and Sweet Dreams all in one, come what may.

It is really me dear, not my hormone talking on Monday!

it is matter of time before you dear realize it someday!




Nepal, it used to be such a magical and mystical place,

I’ve never been there, just letting you know, just in case.

Information comes from dear friends and things I read online,

friends who talk glowingly about it and what’s in headlines.


Land which used to be ruled by kings and most people very humble,

when people mayn’t have had plenty but wasn’t ruled by laws of jungle.

Tourists used to come to marvel at its culture and scenery,

native Gurkhas with their Kukri still known wide for their bravery.


Its language so melodious, someone once told me it’s almost musical,

its folk song so melodic, I have sometimes listened in cyclical.

Land of Mount Everest which is so majestic, alluring and breathtaking,

getting to Base Camp is on my Bucket List before dying.


Things started to unravel when King was murdered with his family,

then the Maoist came to town with Chinese backing and brutality.

Earthquakes, corrupt politicians and Indian Blockade has added more distress,

shortages of gas, waster and electricity, no sign of progress.


Hopefully things will take turn for better soon in near future,

so people can once again go back to admiring its nature.

Which  will definitely make some kind of happy closure,

now it’s time for me to end my lecture! 

Hopeless Hopes



One may ask why do I write in this Chatroom like a fool,

this is the only way I can express, not coz it looks cool.

Some people text, call and email, but I don’t follow the rules,

sorry for punishing you guys with sad tales and for being cruel.


My only hope is, this gets to the person intended,

not in a believe that this relationship can be emended.

But in a hope that she knows how I feel,

and that time hasn’t diminished any of my loving zeal.


I see that she has moved on with her life like nothing happened,

I applaud her decision and will, which leaves me with feeling of gladdened.

heard somewhere that if you love someone give them wings to fly,

it’s so hard to let go, no matter how much I try.


Btw, I just finished my first notepad with writing all about you,

wanted to give it to you, now I don’t know to who.

Will have to save it for the time when I am old,

save it for my grand kids who might appreciate the story told!