Overdone Love


For next few days, will try to reduce my communication,

so that I will not disturb you my dear’s education.

Hope you dear use this time to study with dedication,

my best wishes to my dear for the coming examination.


If you dear ever need break from your grueling study,

feel free to contact me any time my dear Hunny.

Any contact from you dear, I will consider myself lucky,

coz it gives me the feeling that’s warm and fuzzy!


At times I may over do with my show of affection,

all I’m trying my dear is to make an intimate connection.

Hope I am not pushing or punishing you dear in any way?

if that’s the case, let me know and I will obey!


Will use this free time to polish up my harmonica skill,

so someday I can play for you and maybe make you thrill.

Will play a song that’s your favorite for long time,

and will give you front-row seat in “Tiny1” for showtime.


Have been accused by some Chatroom members of plagiarizing!

which really makes my whole ordeal much more agonizing.

People just like to say hurtful stuffs without even realizing,

if only they realize how much effort goes into organizing.


Not that it matters much, coz my dear Hun knows how I write,

for my dear knows the whole truth as clear as black and white.

So be my guest and feel free to accuse me left and right,

coz I will keep on writing to my dear as it’s my birthright.


If someone still has some lingering doubt about my writing,

try Google Sentence Search to see if I am lying!

That’s enough ranting for one day so I will stop typing,

am sorry if this poem didn’t come out to your liking.



  1. Chatroom with audio and video

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