Across the River


Four days without rhyming as left me little bit rusted,

will definitely need some time to get kind of adjusted.

Doesn’t mean my love for you has diminished in any way,

in fact, it has grown stronger in each and every way.


Over the weekend I have gotten to know you intimately,

which has made my love for you dear grow infinitely.

Thank you my love for sharing what you shared,

want you to know that you are dearly cared.


Even though we have not met face to face in real life till now,

am sure one of these days I will be able to break this vow.

Only one question that remains to be answered is how!

maybe my patience and persistence will pay off somehow!


Here we stand on opposite side of the river bank without bridge or boat,

with river raging so fast and with fury, nothing for us to keep afloat,

Should we wait for winter to freeze the river so we can cross?

are you dear willing to bear the pain for all the time loss?


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