Multilingual Hun


Last night we got to spend some quality time together,

well, they say “Birds of the same feather flock together”

Sharing even few moments with you makes me feel fortunate,

gets my heart racing and makes me much more passionate!


Thank you dear for teaching me few choice words of Chinese,

I hope they are the real thing and not a tease!

My dear have surprises which seems never ending,

what more surprises do you dear have pending?


Have I recently told you “Wo ai ni1

or kept saying to you “Wo xiang nian ni2

How about you are my “Saapno ki Rani3

last but not the least “Tu meri Zindagi4


Very Happy Thanksgiving to my Friends and dear Hunny Bun,

you don’t celebrate? Then just try to have some fun.

Try to spend quality time with your loved one,

coz once the time is gone, it can’t be undone.


Yes !!! have long holiday for four days in a row,

I am so happy that I am dancing to and fro.

It has been about three months since we got this long vacation,

maybe will get chance to take a step forward with this relation?




  1. I love you in Chinese
  2. I miss you in Chinese
  3. Queen of my Dreams in Hindi
  4. You are my life in Hindi

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