Day We Met


Still remember very clearly when we met in Chatroom that fine day,

had just happened to stumbled into the room after losing my way.

And there you were dear, inadvertently making long my stay,

rest is history, as there is nothing much to say!


Now this Chatroom has become part of my heart and soul,

pouring my heart out here every day kinda keeps me whole.

But without you dear this Chatroom feels kinda real empty,

sorry guys, no offence, but have to state the fact simply.


Now I am almost down to the last pages of my writing pad,

didn’t you dear promised to get a new one? I think you had.

While you are at it, you might as well get a pencil too,

miser? no dear, will write better with things that is gifted by you!


Besides I need a small memento from you personally,

I don’t beg other people for their stuffs normally.

Just asking for a small memento for sake of memory,

even if it’s a pencil, I will accept it gracefully.


Starting to sound like a highschool kid with first crush?

feeling this strong is very hard to keep hush, hush !

Just my nature to make decision in a rush,

please take me as I am my dear Mush!


Just like first love with sleepless nights, tossing and turning,

having very hard time learning to cope with this yearning.

Have any prescription which will ease away this pain?

or to stop from going down the memory lane?


Wondering if you think of me when you lay down to sleep?

or just like me you dear also have started counting the sheep?

Sometimes I stay awake late thinking of words that’s just right,

to get my idea across and looks good when I write.


3 thoughts on “Day We Met”

  1. More than love;
    Pain keeps writing streak
    Having said that,
    I don’t wish for your pain
    To never subside!
    May your pain wash away
    In rain,
    And you get what you desire!
    Always believe that,
    Best days are ahead for you
    Never put hope, in burning fire!


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