Enigmatic Angel


Little misunderstanding in Chatroom last Saturday was unfortunate,

from now on I have to be more coordinated.

Sometimes I think you dear understand me without explanation,

next time I will sure to give more information.


Now that you know I have more time during weekend,

will make best use of the time which is godsend.

Hope to spend some quality time with you dear,

more time with you dear is something to cheer.


Can’t believe our journey has gotten us so far,

began this journey thinking I was chasing shooting star.

Feels alive just to love a lovely person like you,

been writing for two months now, how time just flew.


You are one of the most understanding person I have met,

you my dear must have a heart of gold I bet.

Have never seen you dear upset as of yet,

for that I will be forever in your debt.


It’s Thursday morning and as usual hectic,

not much in mood for being poetic.

Am I starting to sound little apologetic?

hope you understand for not being energetic.


Maybe after hearing your voice I will be active,

chance of hearing your lovely voice sure sounds attractive.

Although on the phone also you manage to remain real enigmatic,

if you open up a little then it would be fantastic.


Half the day in Subway, other half at court,

which makes the day seem kind of very short.

But your thoughts are never far from my mind,

if only you knew how much my heart pined.


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