Question of Love


Question of how much I love you as been asked,

measured in numbers, it is countless, in distance very vast.

As much as when Darjeeling1 people sees the sun during the rainy season!

I love you so much my dear, that it defies any reason.


Could go on and on as to how much I love you Hun,

it will be the end of the world before I will be done!

Do you my dear still want me to continue with this?

or you think it’s enough reason for why you are missed?


Oh Yeh, forgot to thank you for the private concert in “Tiny2

loved each and every second of the private audience without outside scrutiny.

You sound much more lovely and better than you believe,

it must be becoz of how different we both perceive.


Beautiful clear blue sky with wisp of white floating cloud,

I walk with cool breeze and with not much crowd.

My sweetheart’s chosen song to give me company,

could not have ask for any more harmony.


Now a days I don’t run to catch the train,

my dear woke me up to a world more sane.

Now I enjoy even a small moments in life as it’s the last,

to hold on to every single joyous moment and not let it pass.


Well dear, I should call it a day now,

have to save some for Thursday also some how.

Till then you have a great day my love,

I will try to do the same, kind of!




  1. Hill Station in Western India
  2. Private Voice Chatroom

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