In this wonderful and beautiful world I have lot to be thankful for,

but now I have one more thing to be thankful for than before.

Thank you very much dear for making me a part of your existence,

and for coming into my life at the right moment to give assistance.


Now that the Thanksgiving is just around the corner,

have to think of something to make for dinner.

For my dear to show how much she is appreciated,

or maybe surprise her with something that she least anticipated?


“Bakthuk1” is what my dear will offer if given the choice!

loves it so much, might even offer it more than twice.

Might end up giving up my favorite “Momo2” for my Dear’s sake,

I guess it’s all part of life which includes give and take!


Maybe she will prefer quiet walk in the park by our-self,

hand in hand, with all the time to know our-self?

No need for small talks or to verbalize our feelings,

for our eyes and hearts will do all the hearing!



  1. Tibetan noodle soup.
  2. Tibetan Dumpling.



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