Love you too?!


Well, last night in the chatroom there was sparks flying!

my dear finally said love you too, which was electrifying.

I swear on the gods in heaven that’s very true,

can ask anyone or other witnesses who were there too.


I guess two days of separation made my dear jump the fence?

or am I trusting way too much on my trusted sixth sense?

Can I take this only opportunity to ask you dear a question?

will you be willing to take just “Char Kadam1” in my direction?


As in life, Love also has its highs and lows,

but love’s lows! was surprised how painful punch it throws,

Didn’t know how much my dear was intertwined with my heart,

without you dear, my life is so easy to fall apart.


That’s enough for today as I don’t want to push my luck,

I don’t want to jinx this moment coz that will surely suck!

If you dear have “Chamba2” hope you feel better soon,

drink lots of liquid and listen to some relaxing tune!



  1. Bollyhood song which basically means walk with me four steps.
  2. Cold or flu in Tibetan.

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