Soul Encounter


Now that I take your train, just need to find your Galliyan1

it can’t be as hard as climbing the mighty Himalayan.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” heard the saying?

no dear, I will do nothing like this without your specific saying.


This relationship is based on the ever-lasting trust,

will die before I break it, if I must.

Anything I do dear, I will do it with your permission,

although I have hardly ever been betrayed by my intuition.


Am surprised that you watch the tv serial Crime Patrol2

there must be something to like it as a whole?

Not trying to judge you my dear in any way,

just want to hear you dear explain this anomaly away.


If you ever need someone to share your life’s trouble,

and to make it easier to get though life’s struggles.

Shoulder to cry on or to dry your tears away,

you know dear I am just a few buttons away.


It’s going to be two long weekend nights,

wanna meet on sunday somewhere near Jackson Heights3

Chances are very slim that you will ever accept my simple proposal,

if you ever change your mind, I will be at your disposal.


Lord only knows why I keep on asking the same question,

but is there any harm in making this kind of suggestion?

“Ask and you shall receive” supposed to be said by the Lord,

unless you ask, you don’t know if you get flowers or sword!




  1. Hindi word for Street.
  2. Hindi TV serial
  3. Place in New York Queens where South Asian hang out.

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