Art of Patience


Loving you so much dear that sometimes it hurts my heart,

too bad coz I don’t have another heart for spare part!

Don’t know how long it will be able to take it,

it’s just matter of time before it throws a fit!


People meditate by having an image of Buddha in their mind,

as for me, I just got your lovely voice to remind.

While you are very busy going through your daily grind,

I just think of you as one of a kind.


Must have been an auspicious day I met you,

when in Chatroom I just happened to pass through.

That we will get this far who even knew,

I am just as surprised as you are too.


Sitting here by myself before I head to work,

thinking of how you dear managed this wonderful firework.

Love chemistry without even a hint of physical interaction,

yet we have this very strong sense of attraction.


You are like forbidden fruit just out of reach,

like a fence that is not meant to be breached.

Is it the “Art of Patience” you are trying hard to instill?

you will be frustrated as I am not that of a strong will.


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