Hard Work


While you are engrossed in symptoms and treatment,

I look up to your dedication with amazement!

Seen few people with such single-mindedness,

really have to admire your far-sightedness.


Your hard work will pay off, that’s for sure,

after all the countless sacrifices you have to endure.

It is no doubt that you think a lot about your career,

if only you are also this dedicated to your love life dear!


I know you are in very noble profession of helping others,

feel free to include me also in the list of others.

In this way, I will also get some residual care!

don’t you dear think it is only right and fair?


In the city of eight millions, you are the one I found,

who I saw as someone who is worth giving my precious crown.

Felt like I won a lottery when you started to show friendliness,

please don’t ever change my dear, will be grateful for your steadiness.


Buddha said don’t get caught up in worldly possessions,

and the holy Bible says yield not to temptation.

There must have been something lost in the translation,

coz I can not seem to follow both narrations!


Maybe I need a different kind of teacher, like love guru,

who will teach me how to stay away from person like you.

But, right now I am not seeking any kind of teacher,

will keep doing what I want till called by grim reaper!


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