Chatroom Poem


I would like an appointment with you dear for my ailment,

till now you wouldn’t believe how much I have been patient.

Now the patience is wearing thin with each passing day,

I sure do hope you can somehow find a way.


For us to be finally together without compromising your ideal,

how many times do I have to make this appeal?

So we can be in each other’s warm embrace,

you just have to name the time and place.


All the things we do for love are sometimes astonishing,

I think we are breed of people who are vanishing

How else do you explain writing poems in the chatroom online?

kind of like people who still hold on to their landline.


Hope you are feeling much better than last night,

make sure not to let the flu bug bite!

Will not be able to bear to see you getting sick dear,

for it will hurt me more to see you getting sick dear.


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