Sick Kavita


Sorry my dear for the disappointment, I was on sick leave,

physically in such bad shape, rhyming is so hard to achieve.

Hope you will understand my dear loving sweetheart,

once I feel better, will give it a restart!


Really missed you dear for past two days like crazy,

it seems more someone is sick, more one feels lonely.

Any kind of sickness I can handle without any care,

not hearing from you is something I can’t bear.


Someone once said “No one is busy, it’s all priority”

can you prove that this case is in minority?

Or will you please move me up the list of your priority ?

this is my only humble request to you in all the sincerity.


Mann ko sukoon mela aap se baatein karke,

dil ka bojh halka hua aapke haase sunke.

Aapke meethi awaz ne mujhe deewana banaya,

akhir khuda jaane yeh aap ke maya!


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