Good News


A very good news on this lovely Fall morning,

finally able to do what I wanted with yearning.

Gave my test yesterday with my fingers crossed,

passing with flying colors, which broke the frost.


Immense joy that comes from being accepted for what you are,

is the only ultimate ecstasy what tops it all by far.

If there is heaven on earth then this is it,

Kashmir1 does not even come close to a hit!


Now I wait for the next move to be made by you,

what will it take for you to make the break through?

Do I need to get on my knees and pray?

by the way I don’t need your answer right away!


Now that we finished “Mooh Dikhai ki Rasam2” ok, only partial,

shouldn’t we celebrate this with something, I think it is essential.

Or would you prefer a quiet evening by our-self on the phone?

instead of partying all night until we are in different time zone.



  1. Place in India known as Switzerland of India
  2. Muslim face showing ceremony before marriages

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