Faceless Lover


Went through hundreds of pictures looking for the perfect one,

came to the sad conclusion that I will find none.

So I guess you have to make do without my face, Hun!

what is in the face when the heart has been won.


I ain’t Salman1 or for that matter not even Tom Cruz,

if you are expecting them dear, your ego will be bruised.

I am just an average looking and a hard working Joe,

just making sure not to give your high hopes any blow.


Faceless lovers, if that is what destiny has in store for us,

who the hell am I in this world to make any fuss?

Deep inside I know someday we will be in each other’s embrace,

yes dear, I am telling you this with a very straight face.


One of these days I may just take the plunge,

just take the big risk and go with my hunch.

For I doubt you will judge me just by my face?

I shouldn’t be asking you dear this in the first place!



  1. Salman Khan (Handsome Bollywood Actor)

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