Never Ending Surprises


The brief fleeting moment of bliss is when I hear your delightful voice,

must have been blessed personally by almighty for you to make this choice.

Can’t find any other reason for being so lucky in this life,

must have collected lots of good karma in my previous life!


Waiting to hear your voice like dog waits for bones!

can’t believe how strong the feelings for you have grown.

Loved you dear before I even heard one word from you lips,

but to hear your lovely, enchanting voice is like getting extra tips.


What more pleasant surprises have you in store?

that will knock me down to the floor.

Do you really think I can handle much more?

you have given me more then I asked for.


You are the most considerate, kind-hearted and gentle person I have met,

well dear, if not in real life but at-least in an online set.

Makes me wonder if you really are from “that” region of Tibet1

when it seems there is nothing that will make you dear upset.


Saw some workers putting up lights on the tree at my work,

I was like Whaaaat? asked them why so early with a smirk.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t actually ask them that,

maybe they want to celebrate where our love finally arrived at?!


1. Kham – Region of Tibet where warrior types are from.


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