7 Train


Now a days I end up taking 7 train1 quite often,

my sense of anticipation of seeing you dear gets very heightened.

Even though I am not even sure you take this train,

I think it’s called height of hoping against hope in vain!


One thing going for the 7 train is I feel like Gulliver,

but loud people on their phone sure doesn’t fail to deliver.

Other thing going for the 7 train is the nice view,

how people gets packed like sardine in can, I never knew!


Feeling little down today, nothing to do with you sweetheart,

you could say it is fault on the weather’s part.

With this cold and warm days alternating like crazy,

making it for the body to break down easy.


Little cold can’t dampen my feelings for you sweetheart,

it will take Mr. Grim Reaper to keep us apart!

Although I am writing this with my body full of medication,

just letting you know dear, I write these with clear comprehension.


  1. Subway Train 7 line

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