Angel’s Voice


Who knew that Angels really talk and sing,

voice so heavenly, right to my heart it sting.

Thank you for coming down to earth on your wings,

and for making me feel just like a living king!


Voice that’s kind of husky in a very attractive way,

voice so mesmerizing, could have listened to it whole day.

Voice so magical, could listen to any time of the day,

someone please pass me cold water before I pass away!


The laugh! Oh those laughs that is so tantalizing,

laughs that is so unique that it defies analyzing.

Laugh that is thousand life time’s worth sacrificing,

laugh so genuine, at same time captivating!


If now, the almighty decides to take me from this earth,

will gladly allow him and with smiles I will set forth.

With not a single regret when it comes to you,

am willing to go to hell if I have to!


Many a times I have written down and erased,

things that are personal and which can be traced.

This does limit my scope of poetic liberty,

by putting a leash to my budding creativity.


Fact that I love you is something I can’t deny,

this Chatroom knows this without much of a try.

Love that’s not gonna change even if I want to,

I am sure that by now you also knew!


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