Song Sung


Song has been sung and music dies,
Dance has been danced and how time flies.
Love has been loved and emotions drained,
Miss has been missed and still stay chained.
Hope has been hoped and not yet lost.
Pain has been pained and at what cost.
Wish has been wished and without luck,
Sigh has sighed and you’re still stuck.

Overdone Love


For next few days, will try to reduce my communication,

so that I will not disturb you my dear’s education.

Hope you dear use this time to study with dedication,

my best wishes to my dear for the coming examination.


If you dear ever need break from your grueling study,

feel free to contact me any time my dear Hunny.

Any contact from you dear, I will consider myself lucky,

coz it gives me the feeling that’s warm and fuzzy!


At times I may over do with my show of affection,

all I’m trying my dear is to make an intimate connection.

Hope I am not pushing or punishing you dear in any way?

if that’s the case, let me know and I will obey!


Will use this free time to polish up my harmonica skill,

so someday I can play for you and maybe make you thrill.

Will play a song that’s your favorite for long time,

and will give you front-row seat in “Tiny1” for showtime.


Have been accused by some Chatroom members of plagiarizing!

which really makes my whole ordeal much more agonizing.

People just like to say hurtful stuffs without even realizing,

if only they realize how much effort goes into organizing.


Not that it matters much, coz my dear Hun knows how I write,

for my dear knows the whole truth as clear as black and white.

So be my guest and feel free to accuse me left and right,

coz I will keep on writing to my dear as it’s my birthright.


If someone still has some lingering doubt about my writing,

try Google Sentence Search to see if I am lying!

That’s enough ranting for one day so I will stop typing,

am sorry if this poem didn’t come out to your liking.



  1. Chatroom with audio and video

Across the River


Four days without rhyming as left me little bit rusted,

will definitely need some time to get kind of adjusted.

Doesn’t mean my love for you has diminished in any way,

in fact, it has grown stronger in each and every way.


Over the weekend I have gotten to know you intimately,

which has made my love for you dear grow infinitely.

Thank you my love for sharing what you shared,

want you to know that you are dearly cared.


Even though we have not met face to face in real life till now,

am sure one of these days I will be able to break this vow.

Only one question that remains to be answered is how!

maybe my patience and persistence will pay off somehow!


Here we stand on opposite side of the river bank without bridge or boat,

with river raging so fast and with fury, nothing for us to keep afloat,

Should we wait for winter to freeze the river so we can cross?

are you dear willing to bear the pain for all the time loss?

Multilingual Hun


Last night we got to spend some quality time together,

well, they say “Birds of the same feather flock together”

Sharing even few moments with you makes me feel fortunate,

gets my heart racing and makes me much more passionate!


Thank you dear for teaching me few choice words of Chinese,

I hope they are the real thing and not a tease!

My dear have surprises which seems never ending,

what more surprises do you dear have pending?


Have I recently told you “Wo ai ni1

or kept saying to you “Wo xiang nian ni2

How about you are my “Saapno ki Rani3

last but not the least “Tu meri Zindagi4


Very Happy Thanksgiving to my Friends and dear Hunny Bun,

you don’t celebrate? Then just try to have some fun.

Try to spend quality time with your loved one,

coz once the time is gone, it can’t be undone.


Yes !!! have long holiday for four days in a row,

I am so happy that I am dancing to and fro.

It has been about three months since we got this long vacation,

maybe will get chance to take a step forward with this relation?




  1. I love you in Chinese
  2. I miss you in Chinese
  3. Queen of my Dreams in Hindi
  4. You are my life in Hindi

Day We Met


Still remember very clearly when we met in Chatroom that fine day,

had just happened to stumbled into the room after losing my way.

And there you were dear, inadvertently making long my stay,

rest is history, as there is nothing much to say!


Now this Chatroom has become part of my heart and soul,

pouring my heart out here every day kinda keeps me whole.

But without you dear this Chatroom feels kinda real empty,

sorry guys, no offence, but have to state the fact simply.


Now I am almost down to the last pages of my writing pad,

didn’t you dear promised to get a new one? I think you had.

While you are at it, you might as well get a pencil too,

miser? no dear, will write better with things that is gifted by you!


Besides I need a small memento from you personally,

I don’t beg other people for their stuffs normally.

Just asking for a small memento for sake of memory,

even if it’s a pencil, I will accept it gracefully.


Starting to sound like a highschool kid with first crush?

feeling this strong is very hard to keep hush, hush !

Just my nature to make decision in a rush,

please take me as I am my dear Mush!


Just like first love with sleepless nights, tossing and turning,

having very hard time learning to cope with this yearning.

Have any prescription which will ease away this pain?

or to stop from going down the memory lane?


Wondering if you think of me when you lay down to sleep?

or just like me you dear also have started counting the sheep?

Sometimes I stay awake late thinking of words that’s just right,

to get my idea across and looks good when I write.

Enigmatic Angel


Little misunderstanding in Chatroom last Saturday was unfortunate,

from now on I have to be more coordinated.

Sometimes I think you dear understand me without explanation,

next time I will sure to give more information.


Now that you know I have more time during weekend,

will make best use of the time which is godsend.

Hope to spend some quality time with you dear,

more time with you dear is something to cheer.


Can’t believe our journey has gotten us so far,

began this journey thinking I was chasing shooting star.

Feels alive just to love a lovely person like you,

been writing for two months now, how time just flew.


You are one of the most understanding person I have met,

you my dear must have a heart of gold I bet.

Have never seen you dear upset as of yet,

for that I will be forever in your debt.


It’s Thursday morning and as usual hectic,

not much in mood for being poetic.

Am I starting to sound little apologetic?

hope you understand for not being energetic.


Maybe after hearing your voice I will be active,

chance of hearing your lovely voice sure sounds attractive.

Although on the phone also you manage to remain real enigmatic,

if you open up a little then it would be fantastic.


Half the day in Subway, other half at court,

which makes the day seem kind of very short.

But your thoughts are never far from my mind,

if only you knew how much my heart pined.

Question of Love


Question of how much I love you as been asked,

measured in numbers, it is countless, in distance very vast.

As much as when Darjeeling1 people sees the sun during the rainy season!

I love you so much my dear, that it defies any reason.


Could go on and on as to how much I love you Hun,

it will be the end of the world before I will be done!

Do you my dear still want me to continue with this?

or you think it’s enough reason for why you are missed?


Oh Yeh, forgot to thank you for the private concert in “Tiny2

loved each and every second of the private audience without outside scrutiny.

You sound much more lovely and better than you believe,

it must be becoz of how different we both perceive.


Beautiful clear blue sky with wisp of white floating cloud,

I walk with cool breeze and with not much crowd.

My sweetheart’s chosen song to give me company,

could not have ask for any more harmony.


Now a days I don’t run to catch the train,

my dear woke me up to a world more sane.

Now I enjoy even a small moments in life as it’s the last,

to hold on to every single joyous moment and not let it pass.


Well dear, I should call it a day now,

have to save some for Thursday also some how.

Till then you have a great day my love,

I will try to do the same, kind of!




  1. Hill Station in Western India
  2. Private Voice Chatroom