Reborn Again


Yippee ! Back with a bang I come marching in,

seems nothing can wipe out my mile wide grin.

Back from verge of defeat, I scored a win,

now it’s going to be as always as been.


And the sun shines again in the land of doom,

it’s time again for the flowers to start to bloom.

Time also to bring some life into this Chat-room,

by which I do not mean start wearing Halloween costume!


I was stranded on a distant island with no hope of rescue,

with hope all gone, My dear brings the ship right on cue!

Now we are back on mainland with bottle of wine to celebrate,

to all the lovers out there with no hope, this bottle I dedicate!


See what you did dear with your magic to the weather today,

so bright and sunny, likes of which wasn’t seen for many days.

Told you dear before that you must be deity of some kind,

coz I know of on-one who can control weather so well-timed.


Was in Agra this summer to check out Taj Mahal the great,

and to find out what exactly did Shah Jahan manage to create.

Man! This guy really knew how to show off his un-dying love,

sorry Dear, few lousy lines is all I can manage for my love!


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