Wounded Soul


Little flicker of hope has been extinguished without funfair,

why should anyone in this cruel world even care?

Only the hearts that has been touch will be aware,

for rest of its life the pain it must bear.


If only heart can be mended just like we mend our shoes,

then it will be able to take much more and repeated abuse.

Alas, this heart is made of such a delicate and fragile stuff,

there must be something I can do to make it strong enough.


All around us, the leaves have turned yellow and withered,

just lying in the street and waiting to be trampled.

Either to be burned or to be used as compost,

please use me so someone else can grow the most.


 Today it is supposed to rain so heavy with high speed wind,

I say bring it on, two feet snow too to make me blind.

Since I got nothing to lose, weather too can be unkind,

I’m not going to see what I set out to find.


Why God? Why do you even keep me around?

so you can enjoy watching me lick my wound?

It’s no wonder that I question your very existence,

and never in my life asked for your assistance.


Can I be “Indian Giver” and take back the love already given?

and go back to the time simple, with nothing to be proven?

When this was just a chatroom, nothing more nothing less,

trying to move back the time, wishful thinking I guess.


People will keep saying that times have changed,

when it’s the circumstances that has be rearranged.

Can’t do anything when fate has chosen your path,

will have to deal with whatever maybe the aftermath.


Chahat ke barsaat1 is romantic and looked forward with longing,

well, not when my eyes are already wet with mourning.

This rain will help me dilute my tears as it runs down,

making it easier to hide tears as I go about the town.



  1. Rain of love

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