Kiss of Death


Tibs1 say it’s so precious to be born as human being,

personally it is very hard to agree with this Tib saying.

As for me this life has become more of a punishment,

like more of just waiting for the day of the Judgment.


Like a man who is condemned with death penalty,

nothing to do but wait for rendezvous with destiny.

Just going through fond memories like the TV reruns,

before the executioner gets to push the death button.


If you are wondering what happened to jolly and hopeful me,

he got carried away to distant sea by the emotional Tsunami.

I am his haunted soul doomed to roam this mortal earth,

you guys might as well treat him as dead hence forth.


If you are expecting flowery words and hopeful message in my versification,

you will be disappointed as now I can’t write to that specification.

Now it will be all about loss of love, death and destruction,

you just have to wait and see the sight of emotional eruption.


War in Syria, refugees in Europe and South China Sea dispute,

occupies your mind, when your mind has nothing pleasant to compute.

Dark thoughts and despair is the only thing you see around,

when you give up on love and your heart is worn-down.


Just don’t know which direction I should be taking now,

should I wait for divine intervention to show me how?

Or should I be pretending like it doesn’t hurt at all?

and carry on with my life as if I can’t recall?


  1. Short for Tibetan

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