Another Dead End


And just like that it ended before it started,

the time has come for us to be parted.

We were on a journey without any set destination,

it was fun while it lasted for the duration.


In the end it was difference of expectation that did it,

it’s a good thing we both are mature enough to admit.

We part ways with no hard feelings whatsoever,

we have created wonderful memories to last forever.


Thank you for lending your ear without any complaint,

and for showing me patience matching those of a saint.

I know I will never find someone like you so understanding,

I will give up my search for a person so outstanding.


Wish you all the best for what may lay ahead,

may success always follow you dear wherever you may tread.

I hope and pray that you will find what you are looking for,

my blessing are always with you for what life may have in store.


Well dear, it’s time to say our final good bye,

I will say my final good bye with a deep sigh.

Sorry if I have been a disappointment to you dear,

btw am writing this poem with eyes filled with tears.



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