Wrong Train


It has been just one day and felt like eternity,

didn’t know I will miss you dear with such intensity.

Feels good to be back on my routine of writing,

which brings me to my comfort zone, which is exciting.


“I think, I will miss you” is all you can manage?

no complaints dear, I like the way you choose your language.

It could be have been worse with words like “I don’t care”

thank you dear for letting little of your emotions bare.


Some wise old guy said “Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai1

he sure knew what he was talking about, by the way.

Affection has grown much stronger after this short intermission,

will continue after a short break, my usual rendition!


Have a great weekend dear, hopefully your test is done,

time to relax, kick back and to have some fun.

or you can stop by to see me,

am always at the usual place until three!


Don’t know if I should start with question or an answer,

let me please precede the question to ask with a flower!

Just to up the chances of getting honest and frank reply,

Dear, do you really love me or am just another guy?


Some people say “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”

those people must bare the burden of mistake on their shoulders.

Coz I have never ever set my eyes on you dear,

Yet, I love you like I have known you for years.


I just got on the wrong train and reached Upper West Side2

well dear, I guess I deserve it for letting my mind slide.

Got to be careful next time before boarding any train,

or before my dear, your love drives me completely insane!


  1. Hindi proverb which roughly translate to “The fruits of patience is sweet”
  2. Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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