Day Dreaming


It seems we are both living on two ends of this world,

one on the day side and other on the dark side of world.

Destined to be apart from each other for long time to come?

are we cursed with this terrible ailment we call lonesome ?


 I see you everywhere as I go through my daily grind,

can not explain why I am always in this frame of mind.

Yesterday I nearly approached one stranger to ask if she was you,

with this most radiant smile, I thought she could only be you.


Next time will show W sign with my finger,

so has to dispel any doubt which may linger.

If you want dear, you can show J sign,

then I will definitely know that you are mine.


Dear, just a reminder, will be off from Chat-room tomorrow,

I am really sorry if this causes you any sorrow.

Will be away from my favorite computer most of the day,

am not good with phone, try as hard as I may.


You will be with me every step I take,

you have become a habit so hard to break!

In my thoughts and songs that I listen to,

can’t ever stop thinking even if I want to!


Was just meandering through life before you appeared like miracle,

gave this life a purpose and meaning that’s so desirable.

Making it worth while getting up every morning,

same at night time when I go dreaming.


Thank you my Dear for giving me this little piece of happiness,

something to look forward to and for the very feeling of nearness.

Can not bare to think of the day when you are not here,

breaks my heart just to contemplate the day you decide not to care.


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