Goodnight Dear


All those songs and not a single mention,

was it on purpose or just careless action?

Will take for granted it was meant for me!

next time please specify dear, it’s my only plea.


Liked and love each and every song you posted,

listening to them had me very emotional and comforted.

Really enjoy going through what you dear have written,

even if it wasn’t with me, who is smitten.


Try to have a great day ahead dear,

pray that it’s filled with love and care.

If you ever feel lonely, you just look behind,

shadow you see behind is me, just to remind.


When are you going to unveil the mystery that surrounds you?

do I need to hire a detective to find out who?

If you need time dear, it’s one thing I got,

slow and steady wins the race, so I been taught.


Could have gone to bed early dear l but did not,

just to say good night to dear was all I sought.

Yes, it got little late while waiting for one and only,

was worth the wait for a good night kiss from Hunny.


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