Writer’s Block


Staring at the blank page, trying to come up with a line,

scrambling my brain so hard and still waiting for a grand sign.

Nothing seems to help, is this what we called writer’s block?

time for a break I guess and go on long walk!


Walked few blocks in this cool breeze of fall season,

I am refreshed and rejuvenated for a very good reason.

For I still have to finish what I started for my dear,

even if it means, people who hate, all laugh or sneer.


Kiss1 on the cheek last night was an unexpected pleasant surprise!

just grateful, will try not to find out what it implies.

As “looking at a gift horse in the mouth” is unwise,

the proverb didn’t come out well, sorry I had to improvise.



  1. Kissing emoji in Chatroom



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