Speaking of Poem


After sifting through about twenty pages of history in here1,

found the One-Line-Gem that you decided to share.

As the old saying goes, it is the thought that counts,

of course it counts and who am I to de-nounce!


Wish I can write Kavita2 just like Vikram Babu,

can’t get a start without being fluent in Urdu3.

That’s what I get for living in “Melting Pot”

no use pretending to be something which I’m not.


Do you smell little jealousy somewhere here?

your nose is not deceiving you Dear.

Always knew you had keen sense of smell,

like you smelt arrogance last night as well.


Dear, your Urdu is so fluid and flawless,

care to write something, If I may press.

Doesn’t have to be long-winded or perfect,

just something over which we both can connect.


Time to call it a day and hang up my writing pen,

will wait for your email or a very few words until then.

You have a great evening dear, if I don’t see you,

will read your each and every words before tomorrow is through.


  1. Chatroom
  2. Poem in Urdu
  3. Language

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