New Adventure!


With bags full of your good wishes, I set out for my life-changing adventure,

just in couple of hours, I will definitely know if this was a successful venture.

 will always keep you posted as to how things pan out,

with your good wishes, it will turn out good without any doubt.


Is it marriage, new baby, new job or a new love?

none of the above, yet it ranks almost same as above.

This is as specific as I can go without revealing my identity,

with this chat being open, hope you understand me wanting some anonymity.


Everything went bloody well as Brits like to say,

I am sure your best wishes helped along the way.

Now I feel like I just summited the Mount Everest.

If only you are here with me my dearest!


As we don’t get to meet most of the time,

it would be nice if you write about yourself sometime.

Like how was your day and what you been doing,

instead of one line which I finish so quickly reading!


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