Question of Age


Thank you very much dear for the songs and for clarification,

means a lot to me dear, saved me from eternal damnation!

Like after long trial in Supreme Court finding me not guilty,

or a person on death row given reprieve from death penalty!


If you are wondering if I was born before the songs you posted,

if you thought the answer to above question is negative, you stand corrected.

But wasn’t old enough to enjoy these melodies songs in your treasure chest,

they sure beat most of the songs that are coming out as latest!


 Hi Dear, isn’t this the time to punish you for napping too long?

for making me wait and for making me feel guilty for so long.

Just kidding dear, will never punish you for what ever the reason,

and also its not in my blood to commit such a treason.


I remember telling you I maybe as old as you while ago,

maybe you ignored the comment or thought it wasn’t important thing to know.

You are as young as you feel or as old as you think,

this life as you know may very well end just in a blink.


Are you having doubts about how old or young I am still?

if these songs doesn’t prove it then I don’t know what will.

Let’s leave the age question for some other day,

Coz I am gonna keep writing come what may!


Have a very big day coming up tomorrow,

will need your wishes dear, may I borrow?

Wish I can share with you my life history,

but it might take us at least a century!


Story so long and perplexing you haven’t seen,

full of twists and turns you never for-seen.

Could make a movie about it in the mean while,

need to find director who will make it with style!



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