Sorry for Being Late


Sorry can never undo the past or to erase the pain,

Yet, want to say sorry for making you wait in vain.

Promised 20 minutes and one hour it turned out to be,

this was never my intention as you can very well see.


Will keep in mind to never promise what I can’t deliver,

never ever want you to think of me as a deceiver.

Hope I didn’t ruin your day becoz of my action,

now all I can do is to wait for your reaction.


Left a song for you as I was leaving,

I hope you will find the song worth listening.

Please feel free to leave any songs as a punishment,

will gladly take what ever you give, for my atonement.


I’m not gonna justify for showing up late on yesterday,

but I do dearly hope you will forgive me someday.

You mean a lot to me, even if you don’t know,

have no desire or wish to upset this status quo.


Want me to do “Bum Chak1” so you’ll forgive me?

just say the words, for you always hold my keys.

Can’t get over this guilty feeling that I have,

will you ever fulfill the forgiveness that I crave?


Day go by in blurry haze and on automation,

legs carry me where I want without any realization.

Nothing to look forward to except to do some writing,

when will I ever wake up from this endless dreaming?



1. Act of prostration in Buddhism as an act of penance.



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