Hindi Songs


Thank you dear for all the “Missing links” you posted yesterday,

“Aane wala pal1” is the one that will make my day!

As for “Pehla nasha2” it’s one of my unforgettable songs,

other three, I’m sure has been your favorite for long.


Since you have started to go down this Old Song Road,

Let me follow you and do some of my own upload!

“Ek haseen nighah ka dil3” from Maya Memsaab4 will help you begin,

my all-time favorite “Kahin to mile gi5” from the movie Milan.


Just this morning walking down the street I keep bumping into people,

apologies for living in my own world and for mind not stable.

Dear Boo keeps telling me to come down to earth,

can’t seem to take the advice for what it’s worth!


Something tells me we may have met in the real life before,

it is just my gut feeling, wish I can tell you more.

Will not be surprised at all if this happens to be true,

feels like you are one person that I can get used to.


It’s funny how you call some other people Tsering6,

when I am the only one with name Tsering.

I know you use it as terms of endearment,

writing this to be funny and for your amusement!


  1. Hindi Song.
  2. Hindi Song.
  3. Hindi Song.
  4. Hindi Movie.
  5. Hindi Song.
  6. Tsering is a common Tibetan name which means Long Life, also used as term of endearment.

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