Subway Ride


“Stay close to reality” said my dear Boo some time ago,

Reality? It’s just chemical reaction in the brain, as scientist shows.

“One man’s reality is another man’s illusion” said another wise kind,

I am inclined to believe the latter if you don’t mind.


Friends ask me why the smile? why the glow?

I just smile some more, pretend I don’t know!

Feels great inside to have someone for loving and caring,

even if it’s one way that is doing the sharing!


People trying hard not to look at other’s faces in the train,

they must be wondering why this idiot is smiling just like insane.

If they only knew it’s about them I’m writing on the paper,

I guess they don’t know I have turned into your worshipper!


Squeezed between two people in the crowded train,

each one in their own world, so restrained.

Love and hate, hope and despair together we ride out,

to a destination we are not sure, yet we go about.


Someone in Michigan took the Megaball1,

Am not that lucky after all.

That will not keep me sleepless at night,

will be sleepless with you out of sight.


I looked for the promised “links” far and wide,

couldn’t find it no matter how hard I tried.

Is it written in invisible ink that can’t be seen?

or there is something very wrong with my old machine?




  1. Lottery

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